Prem. golden PHOEBE Topset, 4mm (GP-112)


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…expressive golden Phoebe Guitar Top!! Grain like marble…

495 x  440 x  4mm

Golden Phoebe wood comes from a Tree named Phoebe Zhenan. This up to 30 meters tall Tree is endemic to China. This Wood was pretty rare in the past and so valuable that only royal families could afford their use. It shows often a wavy & quilted Figure and was used in architectural woodworking and boat-building due to its resistance to decay. The wood dries almost without splitting or warping. After drying it is of medium-density and does not change shape. It can be sanded to a mirror finish. The wood has a greenish coloration in its raw state, without any coating, but changes to brownish when moistened. The highest grade of Phoebe wood has a bright golden colour, a pleasant fragrance, and exhibits impressive “chatoyancy” (an optical effect) which is why it is often referred to a golden silk in China.


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