PaoFerro Fretboard (pre-assembled)


Beschreibung / Description:

 — Prime Quality —

(the photo is an example)

…you will find the standard technical details on the Photo left!
But of cause you can choose your own specifications!
Please send us an Email with your special Request.
For the same Price you can change….

  • The Scale
    • Number of the Slots
    • Radius (Compound or Straight…)
    • The Breadths at the first and last Slot


You can order as well….
Guitar (7-String)—————–from 60 -up to max. 74mm————-69,50 €
Bass (4-String)——————-from 60 -up to max. 74mm————-79,50 €
Bass (5-6-String)—————-from 60 -up to max. 95mm————-82,50 €

Please ask for availability & mail us your specifications. Sometimes we`re also able to send Pic`s of available blanks!


For further Information please feel free to ask via Email or Phone!


Zusätzliche Information

Lieferzeit / Delivery time

Bedingt durch die Handarbeit bei diesem Produkt, ergeben sich Lieferzeiten von etwa 10-15 Werktage!
Due to the manual work with this product, delivery times of about 10-15 working days!