Americ. flamed Maple Guitar Top, 19mm (PQM-101)


Beschreibung / Description:
…please feel free to ask for closeup Photos!!

— High Quality —

…the top shown here is from the Big Leaf Maple Tree.
We bought this material about 15 years ago as „Pacific quilted Maple“ and still have some of these wonderful planks in stock!
The structure is more reminiscent of flaming than a quilt grain. We therefore also offer it as a flamed set. The color of these sets is simply stunning!
They are certainly not „catwalk beauties, but they come with a lot of character!!!

545 x 390 x 19mm

You purchase exactly that shown Set!
Please note: The “LesPaul” or “Stratocaster” Templates we use, are bigger as the original Size!

For further Information please feel free to ask via Email or Phone!

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